Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cuterer and cuterer

Even if I do say so myself...
Arthur is now 7-and-a-half weeks old. Where has that time gone? He's already sleeping in his own room because he has got to be one of the noisiest sleepers ever - grunting, groaning, moaning - you name it, he does it in his sleep. When he was sharing our room in his little moses basket, hubby and I were leaping out of bed at almost every noise wondering what on earth could be the matter with this poor baby who was shouting out, only for us to find that his eyes were tight shut and he was sound asleep, unlike us. So last Monday we (well, hubby really as I didn't want to be parted from my little boy... what a sopster I have become) decided to pop him in his nursery and see what happened. Success - we sleep better and so does he. In fact, since then he has twice slept through from 10pm until 5am. Bliss!

So, what else do I have to tell you? Pretty much nothing that isn't baby-related I'm afraid. It's all about Arthur these days you know. Since I last blogged (ages ago, I know, but there just aren't enough hours in the day anymore) we've been to Bristol again and Wigan again to see the rellies; we've managed to unpack all of the 85 boxes we moved with, although the contents of said boxes aren't necessarily where we want them to be, in fact most of them are exaclty where we don't want them to be. Other than that, I just can't think of anything to write. I've totally lost my blogging inspiration at the moment, for which I apologise!

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