Monday, 27 April 2009

Humour Me

as I bore you with more photos of Arthur... I just can't help it, he looks so cute (but then I am very, very biased.)

Friday, 24 April 2009

It's Official

Arthur will have to put up with his name or else pay to have it changed by deed poll because today we finally got round to registering him. So, he is now official and can no longer hide from the state. On the plus side, it does mean we can finally apply for child benefit for me to spend on coffee, oops sorry, I mean on anything that Arthur needs/wants/desires, and also for the child tax thingummyjig.

So, I dressed Arthur in his smartest outfit, put on a new top myself and hubby changed out of his shorts and into some cords, to make the trip to the Register Office. Don't know what I expected - some sort of ceremony and a handshake from the mayor perhaps? But no, just a quick filling in of a form (admittedly the lady did use a fountain pen which gave it a little flourish), answer a few questions, and that was that. No ceremonial scroll, no press photographers, no handshakes. As you can see, Arthur wasn't very impressed at the lack of interest and attention he generated.
Humph. Still, at least we looked tidy.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Still Alive

Just a quickie to reassure you that the Family Wilkinson are all still alive and well and haven't drowned in a sea of dirty nappies.

Since my last posting we have managed to move house, spend the Easter weekend with Arthur's grandparents (Grandma and Grandad) and lots of other relatives in Wigan, have a day trip to Tetbury with Arthur's other grandparents (Granny: and Grampy):enjoy an afternoon out in Windsor and Eton (visiting daddy at work - although photo doesn't show any actual work being done, but you can see the Guildhall in the background where Prince Charles and Elton John got married [not to each other]and viewing Arthur's school... - that's Eton, by the way...)and spend many hours unpacking boxes. Yes indeed, we moved house with a three-week old baby. We no longer live in the depths of the countryside:instead we can be found in Reading (or 'The Bronx' as hubby likes to call it.) We still have a house in Henley, but that is rented out and we have moved to Reading (Caversham Borders in estate agent-speak) while we decide where we really want to live. We're going to be undertaking some research over the next 6-12 months in an attempt to find the perfect location. So far we have Chipping Norton and Tetbury:on the list, and if you can suggest any lovely little (market) towns in the south that you think we should visit, please leave a comment on here. It has to live up to the loveliness of Henley though, but without the price tag...

And for anyone interested, Arthur now weighs in at a substantial 9lb 11ozs - that's a whole 1lb heavier than when he was born. Oh, and he's four-weeks old - where did the time go?

I'll try and get back in to the swing of this blogging lark; it will be a little easier if BT ever get round to connecting the new house to broadband so that I'm not 'forced' to go to a coffee shop whenever I want to log on... It's a hard life.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

A very quick posting, between feeding, burping and nappy changing, to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone who has sent cards and gifts or left comments on the blog following the birth of Arthur. You are all very, very kind; I had no idea we even knew so many people!

And, just because I am the doting mother and want to bore you all senseless, here's another photo of Arthur, aged four days old enjoying his first trip out in Henley; he had a very middle-class outing - Caffe Nero followed by Waitrose... Here he is in the salami aisle.