Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Summer House Wendy House

When we last left it at the end of August, the summer, oops, sorry I mean wendy house looked like this:
But we couldn't leave it looking like that; it was too blah, too brown, too ordinary. It was time for the paint fairies to work some magic. Armed with a tin of 'Willow' in the Garden Shades range by Cuprinol, hubby set to one day while I was otherwise occupied (not sure what I was doing, sleeping perhaps?!)

Then it was my turn to pick up a tin of 'Country Cream', also by Cuprinol to tackle the doors and other fiddly bits.
Three coats of each colour later, plus the addition of a latch to keep the door open when required, and the wendy house was looking like this. I finally got round to painting the little diamond at the top (although the threshold was still waiting for a coat of green - no idea why it took so long to do that little bit), but I wasn't sure if cream was the right colour for it.
Then it was time to turn our attentions to the inside. Unfortunately, it's a bit slow going at the moment; now that the nights are drawing in we don't have so much time to work on painting, but we're getting there gradually.
After one coat of paint, it looks more than a little patchy.
But two coats ofpaint, and it's looking a lot better and much brighter too.
I've gone with the green in that little apex section just for a bit of contrast, although I'm not sure I'm loving it at the moment.

This morning, while hubby and DC enjoyed a manly trip to the rubbish tip, I was able to slap one coat on this next section and slowly, but surely, the wendy house is being transformed!
Oh, and I decided to go with green on the diamond and I finally painted the threshold too!


  1. It's looking extremely smart Justine. Every bit a summer house.

    Good plan getting some toys in there..

  2. Oh I love it, it's gorgeous!


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