Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Start of Our Apple Empire

The seven apple trees (six cookers, one eater) in our back garden are absolutely laden with fruit; one tree was so over-laden in fact that one of its boughs had split and was half hanging off. Clearly it was time to take action, so on Sunday afternoon we trooped round there with a trug and a few bags and started picking. Unfortunately, DC got bored quite quickly and then had a bit of a hissy fit when Hubby wouldn't let him play with the saw that was needed to remove the broken bough. So that brought our apple picking to a swift end. Still, we had filled the trug and one large carrier bag and left hundreds of apples on the trees to soak up the afternoon sun (that was Sunday, today they'll be soaking up the pouring rain and making the most of this delightful "summer" weather). Then it was time to head to the pub for the weekly Sunday afternoon entertainment which, this week, was belly dancing, accompanied by lamb kofta and veggie kebabs cooked over the fire pit. Hubby got chatting to the chef there about apples and on Monday took a large trug along to the pub and agreed to swap them for some beer and a portion of their fantastic triple-cooked fat chips - result!

Then this morning I called in at our village shop with several kilos of apples and they are now on sale there;not only that, but a request has been made for Hubby to take a sample of his apple chutney along and they may start offering that for sale as well. I foresee a happy and prosperous retirement (and many trips to the local hostelry) all funded by apples...

Monday, 8 August 2011


Of course someone who feels they don't have enough time to do any/all of the things they need to/want to/must do should definitely join Pinterest. Or at least they should sign up for the waiting list to join Pinterest, because they can spend the time that they are waiting to become a fully-fledged member browsing other people's pin boards rather than getting on with all those other things they need to/want to/must do.

Of course if the car had started like it was supposed to and I wasn't waiting for the AA to come and jump start it (flat battery in car that is only 4 months old - great), then I wouldn't have sat back down at my computer to do some more work and my brain wouldn't have started flitting about and taken me to look at a couple of blogs in between actual work and then I wouldn't have clicked on a link and I wouldn't have decided that I really needed to find out about this Pinterest thing that everyone is talking about.

So now I have a whole new thing to add to the list of brazillions of things to do.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Brazillions of Things

Do you ever have one of those days/weeks/months/years when you have so many things that you need or want or have to do that you just don't know where to start? And the trouble is that no matter which 'thing' you start on you know you don't have time to finish it in one sitting so you can't decide which of the many things you should start, but not finish, and by the time you've thought about all of the things that you can't finish, even more time has gone by and there's less time in which not to finish even one of the brazillion things that you need/want/must do.

I'm having one of those days/weeks/months/years at the moment. So, instead of getting on with all of those things I'll just write a little blog post moaning about not having time to do any of them. That's better.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Other People's Children

We all know that other people's children are not particularly interesting, and are even less interesting if you don't have children yourself and therefore can't appreciate the intense feelings of love, despair, happiness, tiredness, joy, sadness, etc, etc, that having a child/children can bring. Therefore, you have my permission to skip this post as it is all about my little boy. I'm writing this post because I want to be able to remember these two little incidents that made me laugh.

The background to both of these stories is the same - darling child (aka DC) loves, loves, loves cleaning, mopping, wiping, brushing and generally tidying up. Strange but true, and I'm sure he'll grow out of it at about the same time as he could become quite proficient (and therefore helpful) at it.

Incident no. 1: I had just had a shower and washed my hair when DC came trotting into the bedroom. He exclaimed over my wet hair 'aaah, uh oh, ayeee' and went running off in the direction of the kitchen; moments later he was back with a tea towel and ordered me to sit on the floor so that he could use said tea towel to help pat my hair dry. Bless.

Incident no. 2: DC had been playing in his paddling pool in the garden and thus was trouser and nappy-less. Once he got bored with that he came into the house; after about an hour I was beginning to think it was probably time to get a nappy back on him in order to avoid any little accidents. At about the same time I heard an 'Uh-oh' and round the corner came DC. He took hold of my hand, walked me into the hallway and pointed to a little puddle on the (thankfully wooden) floor. 'Uh-oh' I agreed, as did hubby. DC quickly ran off in the direction of the kitchen at the same time as hubby dashed into the bathroom to fetch some loo roll and begin the mopping up process. By the time DC was back clutching the tea towel we knew he'd gone to fetch, the puddle was gone and all was right in the world. Except DC didn't agree, he was almost distraught that there was no puddle for him to mop up and there were tears. Once he recovered from crying (after just a few seconds, I might add) he realised what he needed to do. So he stood there in the hallway screwing up his little face and trying with all his might to squeeze out another wee. Luckily for us all he managed was a couple of little parps, which made us all laugh and made DC forget what it was he was upset about. And off he went to find some toys to play with.
And that is the end of this little post about my darling boy and his funny little ways.