Thursday, 22 July 2010

The House/The Village

A while back I mentioned that we were buying a house. We finally managed to fit in a return visit (only our second time of seeing the house, and yet we're already buying it - eeek!) when Grandma and Grandad very kindly looked after DC and hubby & I jumped at the chance to pop down to Somerset and then on to Dorset where we stayed the night with our friends R&G who have just opened Lazyhill Gallery (as per previous posts.) This was mine and hubby's first night away together without the small boy since he was ten weeks old; he's now 16 months, it's been too long!
Saturday morning we leapt into the car with just a small overnight bag each (how wondeful not to have to pack nappies, an assortment of outfits for all sorts of weather conditions, not to mention spare outfits 'just in case', a travel cot, toys, etc, etc - for the small boy, in case you were wondering...) and drove down to Hinton St George. We popped in to the Post Office/General Store (in photo below on right with yellow sign) to pick up a local paper and got chatting to the owners who told us all about the village, then it was off to the pub (on the right) for lunch - monkfish tempuraand triple-cooked chips - yum!and then we walked through the villagepast the school and pre-school where DC will goand on to the house we're buying (unfortunately, not as pretty as most of the houses in the village!)for a good look round and a meeting with an architect to discuss possibilities for extending, renovating, etc, etc. After about 50mins we came away very excited and brimming with ideas.

New bathroom, perhaps?Replace the conservatory with a kitchen/dining/family room, perhaps?New kitchen?New fireplace?But the garden can pretty much stay as it is - fabulous!Although, we may tidy the woodshed And the view from the front of the house isn't too bad either.

Monday, 12 July 2010

More Cards Wot I Have Made

My stitchy little fingers have been busy. Over the past couple of weeks, while hubby watched the footy and DC snoozed the night away, I have stitched and stitched and snipped and glued. I haven't made many cards (yet), because sometimes the evenings run away with me and I feel the urge to simply sit back and read a magazine, or watch tv (but not the footy), or generally faff around in a non-stitchy way. But here are the baby girl cards I have made for the soooper fabulous Lazyhill Gallery

Now I just need to think of a 'name' for myself and my little stitchy empire. Suggestions? (clean ones only, s'il vous plait!)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Shop! Shop!

I am extremely pleased to announce that the most fabulous and wonderful

Lazyhill Gallery

in Abbotsbury, Dorset is now open for business! If you are passing by or are in the vicinity, please pay a visit to my dear friend Rachel and have a look at her wares (oo-er, missus.) And, while you are there and itching to part with your cash, if you are in the market for a hand stitched card, you could do worse than buy one that has been made by yours truly...!