Saturday, 5 December 2009

And We're Off

Yay! Today we are off on our very first holiday 'en famille'. We're off to New York for Arthur's first trip overseas. His suitcase is resplendent with a Cath Kidston luggage tag, and his passport in is a matching CK blue spot passport holder; not sure he appreciates it, but I think it all looks rather spiffing.

Hubby & I got married in NY very nearly four years ago, and we'll be there for our wedding anniversary, which is fab. We also spent a month there on our travels last year, and between us we've been there over 20 times so we sort of know the place quite well. We are, it might be true to say, a bit excited to be going back!

So, I may not be blogging for the next week or so as I shall be busy shopping til I drop, supping lattes in Starbucks, getting throroughly emersed in the Christmas spirit in a truly American fashion, oh, and eating hotdogs on street corners (well, there's worse things I could be doing on street corners...)

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