Thursday, 22 July 2010

The House/The Village

A while back I mentioned that we were buying a house. We finally managed to fit in a return visit (only our second time of seeing the house, and yet we're already buying it - eeek!) when Grandma and Grandad very kindly looked after DC and hubby & I jumped at the chance to pop down to Somerset and then on to Dorset where we stayed the night with our friends R&G who have just opened Lazyhill Gallery (as per previous posts.) This was mine and hubby's first night away together without the small boy since he was ten weeks old; he's now 16 months, it's been too long!
Saturday morning we leapt into the car with just a small overnight bag each (how wondeful not to have to pack nappies, an assortment of outfits for all sorts of weather conditions, not to mention spare outfits 'just in case', a travel cot, toys, etc, etc - for the small boy, in case you were wondering...) and drove down to Hinton St George. We popped in to the Post Office/General Store (in photo below on right with yellow sign) to pick up a local paper and got chatting to the owners who told us all about the village, then it was off to the pub (on the right) for lunch - monkfish tempuraand triple-cooked chips - yum!and then we walked through the villagepast the school and pre-school where DC will goand on to the house we're buying (unfortunately, not as pretty as most of the houses in the village!)for a good look round and a meeting with an architect to discuss possibilities for extending, renovating, etc, etc. After about 50mins we came away very excited and brimming with ideas.

New bathroom, perhaps?Replace the conservatory with a kitchen/dining/family room, perhaps?New kitchen?New fireplace?But the garden can pretty much stay as it is - fabulous!Although, we may tidy the woodshed And the view from the front of the house isn't too bad either.


  1. Your new home looks perfect, straight out of a fairytale! Congrats!

  2. Wow Justine the house and village look wonderful!! and the fish and chips...well almost as good too! :)

  3. What a fabulous find. Very English! And I love the garden.

  4. The village looks amazing. Your house is virtually identical to my aunt's house in the Cotswolds.
    I would do everything you mentioned but probably keep the shower!

  5. What a gorgeous house! I love the village and the surroundings. I hope you are all very happy there!

  6. We were here on saturday !! what a lovely village, very envious ! funnily enough I come from bucks and lived near henley (went to great marlow secondary) and moved to north devon 20 years ago, you wont regret moving to a lovely part of the country, definately visiting again (we were to late for the tea rooms) Good luck with the move !



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