Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's Like a Little, Teeny Weeny Bit of an Obsession

Feast your eyes on my book shelves. I say 'mine' because these are mine and mine alone; hubby has shelves of his own in the alcove on the other side of the chimney breast. The shelf at the very top, with the clock, contains the books I have recently read (all of the others are in boxes in my Mum's garage); the other shelves contain my unread books. 131 of them. In 2009, according to the sidebar on this blog, I read 18 books; so far this year I've read 13. 131 divided by 18 is 7.277777777...., which means I have over seven years' worth of books to read. Should be enough for anyone, shouldn't it? For the time being, or let's say seven or so years, at least.

So, explain to me then this obsession I have with buying/swapping/getting hold of by whatever means possible (as long as it's legal) more books/reading matter? This week alone I:

bought these three in the Oxfam Book Shop (and the buying of the two by Rebecca Tope will necessitate buying yet another as I will need the first book in the series before I can read these two, of course...)
received this one via a swap on (highly recommended if you are obesessed with books but don't mind swapping the odd one here and there)
bought this one on eBay
and bought this one in Smiths
Is there any hope for me?


  1. I have the same problem only no beautiful shelf to put them on at present (Yours looks lovely!). Yesterday David and I popped into our awesome new/used combination book shop and I walked away with three books. The day before..another book and a magazine from Barnes and Noble. Next to my bed I keep piles of unread books but I never seem to get them read. Well i did read the magazine and three other knitting books last night from my stash.

    ahh but they are lovely and hold so much potential between those covers. ;)

  2. Ooh your bookshelves look like my idea of heaven. I've got about 10 unread books at the moment, which doesn't really sound like many now lol.


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