Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tidy House

That makes a change.

We're putting the house on the market in the new year but decided to use the opportunity of DC and hubby being away for the weekend to get the estate agent round to take photos. On Wednesday the cleaners came and made us all spick and span, then on Thursday hubby & DC toddled off for a long weekend 'oop north'. I spent the rest of the day tidying and stuffing things in cupboards/under beds and plumping cushions and packing away dust collectors and generally prettifying the house. Then on Friday morning the estate agent came round and took photos and in the afternoon we had our first viewing, even though the house isn't officially going on the market until January! Apparently the lady who came round really loves it and wants to bring her parents round next week to give her a second opinion (they are lending her the money, hence their interest.) How wonderful would it be if she decides to buy the house? Mostly because it would mean we won't have to keep it tidy for much longer because, believe me, it's hard work. But it is lovely being in such a tidy, clutter-free house.

The living room

The kitchenThe room where I work and DC plays (would probably be the dining room for anyone who doesn't work from home/need a playroom for a child with too much brightly coloured plastic)Main bedroomNurseryNo photos of the third bedroom because, although tidy, it's not pretty. And no photos of the garden either because it's foggy.


  1. I agree - it is exhausting trying to keep the house tidy for veiwings so it would be amazing if that woman wanted it! The sale always takes so long so (our last 2 have taken 6 months - people down the chain seem to now have issues with getting and keeping mortgages), so if she was ready, could you not start proceedings now? At the moment you have to grab a buyer when you can.

    I remember for our last house me getting up an hour earlier to clean & tidy the house, and sweep the leaves out the front before a long day's work. :-)

  2. We have the same wallpaper..nice house though i can see why she would want it..

  3. My house has been on the market for 4 months and keeping it tidy is a nightmare.
    Your house is really nice, I especially love the wall paper in DC's room.

  4. Keeping your house permanently tidy for viewings is exhausting and the sale process takes so long nowadays, mine took 7 months as people further down the chain kept losing their buyers. So if this woman wants it and has no chain bite her hand off! Like Lavender hearts I had to get up early every morning to tidy before going off to work.
    It looks lovey though so hopefully it shouldn't have problems attracting buyers. Love the clock on your diningroom mantelpiece.

  5. Oh, your home is so pretty!
    Lucky person who gets to buy it!
    All the best with that!xxx


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