Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lending a Hand to the Global Economy

On Friday hubby & I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and where better to celebrate than back in the city where we got married - New York! Yay!!! And we are child-free for the entire time. Yay again! (much as I love the little blighter, shopping til you drop with a buggy and toddler is not such an easy feat.)

So, tomorrow afternoon DC is toddling off to Grandma and Grandad's and then very early on Friday morning we will wend our weary way to Heathrow to board a lovely BA flight for the city that never sleeps. It's pretty much a whistlestop tour and a bit of an odd one because on Sunday evening hubby and I will be going our separate ways as hubby flies off to San Francisco for business and I stay in NYC for an entire 24 hours ON MY OWN!!! Well, on my own WITH A CREDIT CARD. And an empty suitcase.


  1. hi Justine Happy Anniversary to you both
    how exciting a trip to NYC with a credit card and an empty suitcase 9oh and hubby!) now where's my list of things that i can ask you to get for me!!!

  2. Ooh lucky you. I'll meet you on Sunday! No need to save have a great time cos you undoubtedly will!


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