Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tooth Update, and Other News

So far we've taken small boy to see two different dentists. The first didn't really have much to say except for the scary mention of anaesthetists; her colleague, however, who we saw yesterday was much more reassuring. He poked and prodded small boy's tooth quite firmly, and small boy didn't even flinch, he was a little superstar in fact - opening his mouth wide when told, biting together when told and generally being in awe of the big blue chair, the bright lights, etc. The lack of flinching on small boy's part, coupled with the fact that he is eating, drinking and behaving (or mis-behaving) in his usual manner suggested to us and the dentist that the tooth is causing him little or no trouble. It simply looks a mess. The dentist wants us to get it checked regularly but is not keen on removing it or doing any work since putting a toddler under sedation is not an easy task. We left the dental practice feeling much better than we had 24 hours earlier. Just a pity then that small boy then proceeded to bump the same tooth twice in the course of the day at nursery...

In other news, it's exactly four weeks today that we move to Somerset. EEEEEEEEEEEK!


  1. Glad to hear the dentist isn't too concerned about the tooth. Wait and see sounds like a good plan. Ooh time to get packing, how exciting!

  2. A big worry but hopefully not as bad as it looks and your boy is being very brave. Just need to find a wonderful dentist when you move and keep an eye on things.


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