Monday, 8 August 2011


Of course someone who feels they don't have enough time to do any/all of the things they need to/want to/must do should definitely join Pinterest. Or at least they should sign up for the waiting list to join Pinterest, because they can spend the time that they are waiting to become a fully-fledged member browsing other people's pin boards rather than getting on with all those other things they need to/want to/must do.

Of course if the car had started like it was supposed to and I wasn't waiting for the AA to come and jump start it (flat battery in car that is only 4 months old - great), then I wouldn't have sat back down at my computer to do some more work and my brain wouldn't have started flitting about and taken me to look at a couple of blogs in between actual work and then I wouldn't have clicked on a link and I wouldn't have decided that I really needed to find out about this Pinterest thing that everyone is talking about.

So now I have a whole new thing to add to the list of brazillions of things to do.


  1. welcome to the world of pinterest (such a wonderful way to waste more precious time and add to the list of "oo I must make that")

  2. I am already pinning - great fun when the football is on or when essential surfing is going on....I only waited a day to join.


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