Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bowl Me Over

Just a small job undertaken in the house today for two reasons 1) hubby was working 2) it's one of DC's non-nursery days. The combination of these factors made it tricky to find time to get much done over-and-above the usual 'entertain small child and try to keep house from looking like something from Life of Grime while hubby works and I try to fit in an hour or two of work as well'.

But, as we all know, every little helps, so while DC & I watched Toy Story 2 for the brazillionth time hubby was able to sneak upstairs and hang this mirror in our bedroom. Until now it's been propped in the corner of the room, so having it hung on the wall helps free up floor space, means we can now see ourselves properly without having to crouch down and also makes use of this bit of dead wallspace next to my built-in wardrobe.
Today I'd also like to take a little time to say thank you to friends, family and neighbours who have kindly sent us 'New Home' cards. I suspect most of them are getting a bit fed up with us moving so often and are keeping their fingers crossed that we'll stay put for a goodly while.

Special thanks go to our dear friends R&G of Lazyhill Gallery fame who came for dinner a couple of weeks ago and brought us housewarming gifts in the shape of 1) a homemade lemon drizzle cake, 2) homemade salted caramel macaroons, 3) teatowels from their recent trip to France and 4) this GEEEE-OOORRRR-JUSSSS bowl handmade by Gemma Wightman, which I'd been coveting from their Gallery for quite some time - the photos don't do it justice (since we moved I can't find the battery charger for my camera so I'm having to take all photos with my iPhone); it's a chalky textured off-white on the outside and a glorious, glossy blue-green inside. Currently the bowl resides on the windowsill in the hallway, out of reach of small hands...Not only that, but R also made us a 'card' in the form of a little house with a bee inside - cute, clever and very 'made to measure' since it features a map of our village to front and back - how's that for personalisation?If you're ever down on the Jurassic Coast, you should definitely make a bee-line (see what I did there?!) for their Gallery - you won't be disappointed! And if you can't make it to Dorset, worry not as they are launching an online version of the Gallery very soon - you heard it here first!

Oh, and I've added a couple of photos of DC's blind in situ to the previous post, in case you're interested.

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