Monday, 5 December 2011

The Big 4-0 in Krakow

Last week (where's the time gone?!?) I celebrated my 40th birthday. I know, I know, I can't believe I'm 40 either, and I'm pretty sure I only look about 21, and my brain certainly seems to think I'm only about 18, but the sands of time have been slipping through my hourglass and apparently I was born in 1971, so that makes me actually and really 40. Humph.

Anyway, to make things less painful hubby and I had a few days in lovely Krakow, while DC spent some quality time with Grandma and Grandad. Krakow's Old Town is choc-ful of beautiful buildings and brimful of restaurants, cafes and shops, so we had a high old time just wandering around, taking in the sights, eating, drinking, and generally relaxing. Best of all, we had afternoon naps - something which is unheard of at any other time due to a combination of work and a small child - and I managed to read an entire book (400+ pages no less!) and 4 magazines in the time we were away - total and utter bliss!

On my birthday eve, I indluged in a 'little' cocktail at lunchtime - such decadent behaviour! On my birthday I started the day with my favourite breakfast - American pancakes with maple syrup - fantastic!For lunch I had a Polish sausage from a stall at the Christmas market in the main square. A decision I lived to regret that night as it turned out to be the sort of gift that keeps on giving, if you catch my drift...In the evening we went to a fancy restaurant and kicked off the meal with a glass of something fizzy.
And the evening before we headed home I discovered a VERY aptly named little place - Coffee Heaven, which could also be called Cake Heaven. Deeeee-licious.As for the shopping, we were lucky enough that our trip coincided with the annual Christmas market where we bought: a wooden spoon (you can never have too many!)

Some fabulous lazer cut snowflake Christmas decorations - I may spary these white at some point, but for now they're hanging in all their wooden glory from cotton in the windows next to our front doorAnd a tree-shaped decoration that I thought DC would like to paint (when I have the energy to cope with a 32 month old + paints)

And there was a stall selling chocolates - how could I resist?

And a stall selling 'glass' decorations in all manner of shapes - we bought this one for DC since he loves guitars so much (yes, I know it's a cello [or similar], but I'm hoping DC won't notice)

Oh, and there was a lovely chocolate shop selling choc by the slab/chunk. I can't show you what was inside as I've already eaten it. Suffice to say it was delicious and I'd like to go back and buy more. Lots more.
And while we were in the old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, we stumbled across a little flea market and picked up this little old glass bottle, perfect for our growing collection which lives in/clutters up the ensuite.
And while we on the subject of bottles - here's another specimen which hubby bought me for my birthday. Can you see what it says? 'F. Christmas & Son. Haverhill'. How cool is that?!

So, after the important food, drink and shopping photos, here's a few of the Old Town. This is the approach to Wawel Castle, set on a hill at the opposite end of the Old Town to the Market Square (Rynek Glowny)

This is the Cloth Market and Tower in the Market Square.

Inside the Cloth Market, which was ABSOLUTELY freezing, as it seems to act like some sort of wind tunnel and gets very little sunlight. BRRRRR.

Another view of the Tower. Note the gorgeous blue sky. We were extremely lucky with the weather - blue skies and sunshine all the time we were there. A Polish colleague of hubby's who we met whilst out there said it would usually have snowed at that time of year, so I was thanking my lucky stars that while it was cold enough to need a hat and gloves (and a thermal vest in the evenings - glamour!), at elast we weren't trudging through slush.

And all lit up at night

One of the many small parks that lie around the outer walls of the Old Town. As hubby said, if you squint, you could almost be in Central Park.

Back to the Market Square, and St Mary's Basilica, where every hour on the hour a trumpet signal is played from the top of the tallest tower. It breaks off in mid-stream to commemorate the 13thC trumpeter who was shot in the throat by an arrow while sounding the warning of an invading Mongol army - gruesome historical 'fact'.

All in all, a lovely birthday trip, made all the more special by a card from my darling boy and a fairy cake that hubby had secretly taken in his luggage. Ahhh!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Great photos and I love the green bottle and snowflakes.

  2. Well happy 40th to you. it looks like your day was lovely!! Krakow looks positively lovely!



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