Saturday, 8 December 2012

I'm Still Here

Here I am, waving frantically - can you see me?

We've been away on holiday and while I was very organised and scheduled some posts to appear while we were away I didn't schedule any for when we got back thinking, wrongly it turns out, that I'd been able to get back into the swing of blogging as soon as we touched down on Tuesday.

I started writing a post yesterday, all ready and willing to tell you about our little trip but I hit a bit of a hurdle when Google told me I've reached my limit for adding/storing photos for free (1GB); that means I now have to start paying a little each month to add photos to my blog :(

Still, you're worth it, and what's a blog without photos? So, this afternoon I remembered to bring my debit card up to my office so that I could purchase my extra 5GB (should keep me going a while) and get back to photo-laden blog posts, except that Google seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties and won't allow me to buy the storage at the moment.

So, I just wanted to let you all know that I am here and normal, technicolour service will be resumed just as soon as Google will allow.


  1. I got the same message. I know the monthly charge is small, but I only post a handful of photos (if any) each month - so my inner scrooge is sulking and I haven't got round to doing it yet.

  2. Is it a coincidence that we've both received the same message or have Google recently changed their T&Cs? I don;t mind paying the monthly charge as I do tend to upload a lot of photos, but Google doesn't give much info to help techno-idiots like me!

  3. I noticed that it said 'you are currently using 100% of your storage allocation' not that you have used up all of your allocation. The word currently made me wonder whether you could delete some old photos - but I couldn't find any info on whether this is possible/how to do it. I'm a complete technophobe too.


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