Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sunny Morning (With Friend)

This morning, after taking DC to nursery and myself to the village hall to vote in the local elections, I came home and decided that work could wait a few minutes while I sat in the sun with a coffee and a magazine. When the weather is this good at this time of the morning (c.9.30am) in this country, you really do have to make the most of it, if the opportunity presents itself.
I had a very pleasant ten (ok, maybe it was more like twenty, or possibly even thirty...) minutes soaking up the rays. I was even joined by a little friend who had escaped from her run (yet again.)
This is Fizz, the Great Escaper.
During late autumn and winter our three chooks are allowed to free range around the entire garden. However, once spring arrives and hubby starts planting out his veggies, the chooks are confined to barracks (a large run in one corner of the garden.) There's still lots of room for them to scratch around, plenty of shade if the sun is shining and, as the plants start growing, plenty of greenery for them to nibble at if they stick their heads through the netting. However, this little lady keeps escaping. She was escaping along with her pal Betty until a couple of weekends ago when we clipped their wings. Gail (the third chook) is too big/lazy to bother trying to fly out of the run, but those two were constantly up and over. The wing-clipping has grounded Betty, but Fizz still keeps getting out somehow - we're not sure if she's flying out or wriggling out as we've never seen the escape in action. But we tend to reward her veracity by letting her stay out most of the day. Although things may change if she starts eating hubby's seedlings...
And here's another shot of the dear girl from Tuesday, when I found her lying on the step sunbathing.
I hope you're all getting a chance to enjoy the sun as much as Fizz.


  1. It's been lovely here too, I sat outside with a cup of tea today (and gazed at all the work which needs doing!). I didn't know chickens sunbathed!

    1. Well, I assumed she was sunbathing, or it could be that she's just very lazy!


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