Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nativity and Other Village Christmas-ness

Christmas is alive and well in our lovely village. The village shop is decorated with paintings by the Reception year children at the village school, including this masterpiece by a certain artist who goes by the moniker 'DC'.
Lights have been strung from many houses.
There are plenty more to be seen but I keep forgetting to take photos of them.
The church was floodlight for the carol service.
And some very lovely children performed their school nativity play.
Here's DC modelling his 'star' costume.

The church made a lovely setting.

And DC discovered that deely boppers can be used to channel super powers into the audience, whilst all the other children remained in character.


  1. What a lovely little star you have there , I can feel his excitement from here!

  2. He was very excited pre-performance but a little overawed during!


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