Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It's hard, but someone has to do it...

Becoming the proprietor of a tea room is a hard task, but one I'm willing to take on. I'm a trooper, it has to be said. Especially when one of the onerous tasks is baking and taste-testing a variety of oh-so-horrid foodstuffs. Take pity on me; please?

Millionaire's Shortbread. Attempt No.1
Rice Krispie cakes. For the children, you understand...
Homemade sausage rolls (upside down for some reason)
Mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto panini
Millionaire's Shortbread. Attempt No.2. I see more attempts in my future. It's a real trial having to taste-test these bad boys.
Fruit scones, as made by hubby
Cheese scones, also made by hubby
Chocolate Dotty Cake

Add to this the quiches that hubby made, and you get some sort of idea of the ordeal we are currently living through. It's hard, but someone has to do it.


  1. Please may I volunteer as a taste tester? Just for when it gets too much for you, and mainly to test the millionaire shortbread!

  2. You have my sympathy. I might have a go at millionaire's shortbread and see if I can offer any tips... All in the name of research of course. I bet it would be sensational with plain chocolate on the top too.

  3. Yes, I'll be along to help with the taste-testing as well! Everything looks delicious.

  4. If you need a part time taster i have a bit of free time. LOL

  5. Don't forget your husband's chutney.



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