Sunday, 1 November 2015

Let's Play Catch-Up. 2015 Travels: USA in January

I know I've been absolutely appalling at keeping my blog up to date this year; I had the excuse of being busy running the tea room, but that finished at the end of June, so that's no longer the case. And yet since then I still feel as if I've been busy. Busy doing nothing probably. Procrastination is quite time consuming, don't you know??

And then I thought I really should do a post about where we've been on our travels this year; in fact, it's going to take more than one post to cover all the destinations as we've been here, there and everywhere!

We have to go right back to the beginning of the year for the first stop: if it's January then it must be the good old US of A. Hubby had to go on a work trip and I managed to hitch a ride while DC stayed at home with Grandma and Grandad. We flew to NYC, arrived in the evening, then hired a car and drove to a little place called North Wales, Pennsylvania.
view from hotel room the morning after we arrived
Hubby had a couple of days of meetings so I drove myself around a bit and then we headed back up to NYC for a night before flying home. You may remember hearing on the news about the 'historic' storm that was due to hit the USA in January? Well, that historic storm hit at the exact time that we were there. Cue mass panic! Would we be stranded in Small Town Pennsylvania? We would be able to get back to NYC to get our flight home? Would poor old DC have to wait longer to get his hands on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys we'd bought for him? Most importantly, would I be able to get to the shops?? We had flown in to the US on Saturday evening and had spent Sunday visiting some antiques stores and a heeee-ooooge mall, before hearing about the storm that was set to bring the eastern seaboard to a standstill. The mayor of NYC declared a state of emergency, airports closed, the NYC subway closed, cars were banned from the roads, and there was a general sense of panic in the bread aisles. And there we were in our hotel room watching it all unfold on the TV - and boy, do US weather channels like to make a BIG deal out of things! Monday dawned a little snowy, but everything was normal. Hubby went off to his meeting and I drove to the heee-ooooge mall (yes, again) and various other shopping establishments.

We'd been warned that the storm was due to reach our area in the afternoon, so I headed back to the hotel about 4pm. Admittedly by then the snow was falling fairly thick and fast and the roads were getting covered so it wasn't the most fun drive I've ever had. Hubby arrived back at the hotel not long after with his meeting having been curtailed and in fact cancelled for the following day in anticipation of the snow so we headed out to some very local shops to stock up on a few odds and ends (books, food, and other necessities!) and have some dinner. When we left the restaurant at about 8pm it was properly snowing and we were starting to get a bit worried - historic Winter Storm Juno was well and truly upon us.

Imagine our fears the next morning as we woke and pulled back the curtains, only to find that the historic storm had pretty much passed us by.
Not that different from the day we'd arrived
Yes, there was snow, but not of historic proportions
But, result!, hubby's meeting was still cancelled so we had an unexpected day together and, I won't lie, we spent most of the time shopping - hubby and I are BIG shoppers when it comes to the USA.
It's fair to say we did some shopping...
The only slight hitch was that due to hubby's meeting being cancelled on the Tuesday, he had to have a meeting on Wednesday morning which meant we set off on the drive to NYC a bit later than planned. But soon it was time for us to make our way to our favourite city - assuming it wasn't buried under 3 feet of snow, as the weather channels had predicted...
first peek at the Manhattan skyline
Well, our luck was in. Yes, there was snow in NYC, but not nearly as much as had been feared and certainly not enough to bring the city to a standstill.

view from our hotel room on the Upper West
Shake Shake hot dog, how do I love thee??
We were up and about early the next morning to make the most of our last day of the trip. 
early morning view from the hotel

We headed for Central Park and a snowy wonderland awaited.

We were pleased to find that Tavern on the Green has reopened after a refurbishment. This was where hubby and I were married nearly ten years ago, and there was nearly this much snow on that day too.

Just a take-out coffee this time, but we'll be back!

Out of the park and in to the shops at Columbus Circle to warm up - cake anyone??

And that was the last photo I took. Not sure why as there were plenty more photo ops as we headed across town, and down town and back up town before making our way to the airport for an early evening flight home.

So, there you have trip number one of 2015. More to follow (if you haven't slumped into a boredom-induced coma??)


  1. They do get carried away about the weather here, better to predict worse than it's going to be than to be unprepared.
    We like NYC too, haven't been for a few years, maybe we'll get back up there.

    1. And that certainly wasn't a criticism - always best to be prepared - but the weather channels must have thought their every dream had come true the way they were reporting the 'historic' storm!


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