Friday, 24 April 2009

It's Official

Arthur will have to put up with his name or else pay to have it changed by deed poll because today we finally got round to registering him. So, he is now official and can no longer hide from the state. On the plus side, it does mean we can finally apply for child benefit for me to spend on coffee, oops sorry, I mean on anything that Arthur needs/wants/desires, and also for the child tax thingummyjig.

So, I dressed Arthur in his smartest outfit, put on a new top myself and hubby changed out of his shorts and into some cords, to make the trip to the Register Office. Don't know what I expected - some sort of ceremony and a handshake from the mayor perhaps? But no, just a quick filling in of a form (admittedly the lady did use a fountain pen which gave it a little flourish), answer a few questions, and that was that. No ceremonial scroll, no press photographers, no handshakes. As you can see, Arthur wasn't very impressed at the lack of interest and attention he generated.
Humph. Still, at least we looked tidy.

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