Thursday, 12 November 2009

Didn't Quite Get Round To It...

I was looking through my camera recently, downloading all those hundreds of photos of DC that I've managed to take (my attempt to take at least one a day to document how he has changed makes for a full memory card on a regular basis) when I came across lots of photos I'd taken with the express intention of using in blog postings. However, time has slipped through my fingers and the postings have never been written; still, I thought I might share the photos with you anyway so they're not totally wasted!

Interesting garnish on my lunch

New (old) bureau to replace hubby's less attractive IKEA desk

bought at an auction in Reading

Hubby's jam/mess-making

Flying visit to St Paul's Cathedral while in London

Visit to CK shop at Bicester Village for some bargains!

Visit to Windsor (where hubby works)

A day at the races (work summer party)

Interesting spot of walking at a 45 degree angle by the man on the left

Opening of gardens just across the river from our house

Henley Farmers' Market - basket-weaving stall

The River Thames at Henley

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  1. was a little concerned about the burger initially - because of the angle I thought it was a giant (possibly felt) model of a burger in a bun. With an alien lifeform on the top. How relieved I was to see it was just a burger with an alien lifeform on the top...


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