Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Updates and a Warning To Domestic Goddesses Everywhere

Update No. 1. The D.I.E.T.

Nothing to see here, move along, there's nothing to see. Well, clearly there's too much to see, but that's a whole other story.

Update No.2. The M.A.G.A.Z.I.N.E.S.

Plenty to see here, roll up, roll up. Although actually, unlike with The D.I.E.T., there's less to see than previously.

See how the pile shrinks faster than you can say 'Preparation H'? I'm now down to somewhere in the region of 60 magazines in the house [let's not count the 34 which I presume are still in a crate somewhere in the shed - unless hubby has thrown them away], which is waaaaaaaaaaay better than the 107 we were looking at back in July time...

Oh, except that I haven't included the Christmas magazines in that total, as they don't really count, do they?...

Update No.3. Crafty Corner.

Look! I've actually done something crafty! Determined to have this cross-stitch finished in time for Christmas, just so I can prove hubby wrong.

And the Warning for Domestic Goddesses Everywhere?

This is what happens when you don't clean the filter in your tumble dryer; teaspoon for scale.

Let me just point out that I didn't fail to clean the filter on purpose; as far as I was concerned I was heeding the red warning light and picking out bits of fluff from what I thought was the filter. That'll teach me to read the instruction booklet.

But, oh, the resulting 'mass' was so soft and lovely that I could happily have made it into something (tea cosy? hat? duvet?) if only had the requisite skills. I wonder if there's a book on how to turn tumble dryer fluff into beautiful objects? Might be a gap in the craft market there.


  1. Oh My Giddy Aunt! The sky's the limit! We could team my dryer fluff with yours and make, oh, I don't know - maybe even a quilt!?!?

  2. There is two things you can do with dryer fluff:
    1. in the spring put it out in the yard hanging from trees in a chicken wire made container for the birds to use in their nest construction. You can also add the yarn bits you cut from projects
    2. melt old candles in a aluminum can, put the lint in paper egg cartons and pour the melted wax over it. Let them dry then separate the egg carton into their little cups. Use them for starting fires outside.
    Dryer lint can be used for an useful purpose.
    Brenda in Canada


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