Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Very Pleasant Afternoon

DC has, of late, taken to only napping in the mornings, instead of once in the morning and once in the afternoon as was always his way. I tend to use this morning nap time to get on with my work as he usually sleeps for anything from 1-2 hours. Today he only slept for 40mins which was just about enough time for me to have a shower, put the washing in the tumble dryer and sit down at my computer poised and ready to work, but not quite able.

DC and I tend to take a little walk over the Thames to Caversham of an afternoon, where we potter around the Library, make a trip to the Post Office (usually with an eBay parcel), frequent the aisles of Waitrose and Boots, and finish up with a stop in Costa. In the "olden days" when DC had an afternoon nap, I could almost be certain that the effects of the pram on paving stones/shop floor/Library parquet would have taken hold by the time we reached Costa, so that I could enjoy a good hour in peace with a latte and my book/magazine. But since DC has given up on his afternoon naps, I thought this little bit of "me-time" had been consigned to the past.

But not today! Presumably as a result of his short morning nap, this afternoon DC decided to fall asleep just as we reached Costa, and I had over and hour-and-a-half of lovely, lovely me-time with a vanilla latte, a raspberry and almond bake and this month's Country Homes magazine. Bliss! Not only that, DC kept right on sleeping and I even got to do a little extra work when we got back home. All in all, a very pleasant (and productive) afternoon. Well done DC; can you do it again tomorrow, please?

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