Sunday, 4 April 2010

DC Turns One!

My darling little boy has turned one! I can hardly believe how quickly the year has gone by. We had a little get-together for him at Grandma and Grandad's up in Wigan; Granny came along too, all the way from Bristol. On the day before his birthday we had some professional photos taken to mark the occasion; most of them have turned out really well but there are a few corkers where certain family members (ie me) are displaying a sight too many chins or pulling gormless faces. I'll try and upload a few for your viewing pleasure some time soon. Until then, here are a few shots from the birthday itself, starting with the birthday cake which hubby made with his own fair hands - impressive, eh?!Here we have the fabulous birthday buffet - cream cake anyone?And here's the birthday boy on his throne, tucking into a wotsit and a ham sandwich - birthday fare at its finest!And here he is checking out his birthday trike.Opening a pressie.Playing with the string on his new click-clack crocodile toy; next year I shall save money and just buy him a ball of twine.And yet another pressie to open - lucky little chap.


  1. He's gorgeous! I'm going to be a 1st-time granny at the end of May so babies suddenly seem quite cute!!!!

    You obviously all had a lovely day - shall look forward to seeing 'official' pics.



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