Sunday, 16 May 2010

House Update - It's a Good One!

No news is good news as the saying goes. And the lack of reports from me regarding the sale of our Henley house confirm this, for tomorrow (fingers crossed...) we complete!

Hubby has been working hard for the last couple of weeks emptying the loft and sheds, tidying the garden, taking rubbish to the tip and bringing lots and lots of boxes and all sorts of stuff we didn't know we needed and have managed to live without for quite some time over to this house which is now bursting at the seams (time for some serious de-cluttering.) This afternoon we made our final visit to the house to say a quick goodbye; not a hint of sadness on my part, even though it was the first house we bought together. We haven't lived there for over two years now so I found it hard to feel any attachment to the place; I'm glad we moved out as there would absolutely not have been enough room for us all since DC arrived, plus the area was always a little too noisey for our liking and we found one of our next door neighbours a little annoying. Sounds like such a great place, eh?!
Now it just remains for us to find another house... Easier said than done when we can't even decide on a location.

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