Monday, 2 August 2010

On Yer Bike

Yesterday Family W (and Granny) took a little jaunt to one of our favourite parts of London: Marylebone High Street, where Cath and Emma compete with Divertimenti, White Company, Fish Works, Le Pain Quotidien and various other fine establishments to get us to spend, spend, spend.

When we arrived we made haste for the Cath Kidston shop only to find that it didn't open until 11am (it was about 10.50am when we got there), thus we were forced to go for a coffee (hard life, eh?!) On the way to the cafe hubby spotted some of Boris's new bikes and couldn't resist hopping on for the photo opportunity: Luckily by the time we'd finished our drinks Cath had flung open her doors so we had a little look round. I rather fell for a pack-a-mac type raincoat (like this one but in the dark green with white spots pattern that Cath does so well)but the M/L size was a little snug and they didn't have a larger one. Ho hum. Maybe by Xmas I'll be able to get into the M/L size ** (I dropped hints that the mac would make a great gift, alongside the 2011 diary, which is already out...)

We then took a detour to a lovely park with a great playground - a little oasis just behind the hustle and bustle of the High Street - so DC could have a run around and, of course, a little bit of swing-time.
After all that fun in the park, it was back to the shops. Emma Bridgewater was kind enough to be having a sale, so we bought a couple of mugs from her. Then it was time to head off for some lunch as DC had fallen asleep; we had some very good food in EAT and then made haste for Starbucks where we could relax and read the Sunday papers/current book while DC slept on. I enjoyed my favourite drink of the moment, peppermint mocha, accompanied by my favourite cake of the moment, Rocky Road. Then DC awoke from his slumber and it was time for us to cater to his every whim once more. We decided that it was time for a little toddle (accompanied by Mario the Monkey), and off we set for a little more shoppy time before heading home. A very enjoyable day all round.** Just to let you know that the weightloss is going well - I've lost 2st 10lbs so far. The magazine pile has also shrunk considerably. Did you know there is quite a good trade to be done in secondhand magazines on eBay?!


  1. ohh you have to love the peppermint mocha--I have even mastered it at home. Yummmmm

    Your purchases an dream mac look lovely.



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