Friday, 15 April 2011

More Fond Farewells

Less than a week now til we move; we've been cramming in even more goodbyes as we visit places and see people for the last time. Sob. On Saturday morning we whizzed over to Cliveden for a couple of hours, while Sunday morning saw us making the most of the sunshine with a trip to the park in Henley and a stroll along the river. On Tuesday DC & I went to Bounce (softplay) at the local leisure centre for the last time, swiftly followed by our weekly 30mins of singing at Rhymetime at the lovely local library. Wednesday morning, after dropping DC at nursery, I paid another visit to Henley for a coffee and a little wander round before meeting up with some mum's from my NCT group at the River & Rowing Museum (so busy chatting that I forgot to take photos!) Thursday I had to make a flying visit down to Somerset to sign for our rental house; also popped into our actual house to see what a dreadful mess it is for the last time before the builders start on 26 April - thank goodness! And today it was DC's last trip to toddler group. More photos and more goodbyes to follow!

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  1. Hope that your move goes well. I thought of you as I was driving down the M4 the other day!
    That sounds a bit stalkerish, sorry!!


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