Friday, 29 April 2011

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Hello Hello

Unbelievably, it's a week and a day since we made the move to Somerset! Where has the time gone? It feels like we left Reading months ago, not just 8 days ago as we've crammed so much in to such a short space of time.

Final Goodbyes
Picking up from where I left off, I had a few more 'fond farewells' to say. Firstly, and most importantly, to my most bestest and loveliest friend Liz, who I have known since we both worked together on a Sunday in John Menzies in Reading railway station in the early 1990s - oh, the glamour of it all. We bonded over many a bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs which mysteriously split open and had to be consumed... Our final farewell was in the slightly more salubrious setting of Yo Sushi. I shall miss my Friday evenings with Liz and B :(

On Saturday hubby, small boy & I took our absolutely, definitely final trip over to Henley; while Sunday morning saw us at Basildon Park; even though it's only about 8 miles away, we'd never been there before - isn't that always the way? It was a glorious sunny day and we got there before the crowds for a lovely walk in the grounds and a cuppa and a cake in the tea room.

In the afternoon we strolled over to the lovely Caversham Court for a final cuppa and cake from the tea shop (can you see a theme developing?!) and a play on the grass.On Monday I did my last dropping off trip to nursery (hubby was doing the dropping off for the next two days), and took the opportunity to pick up a last Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. I think our nearest Starbucks in Somerset is about 12 miles away. Sad, but true that I have looked it up.

On Tuesday I went into town to have my hair done (do they have hairdressers in Somerset, or do you just go to the nearest farm and get someone to lop off your locks with a scythe?), to have a last look round the shops (sob sob, so long John Lewis, it's been good knowing you [nearest JL is now just over an hour's drive away in Bristol]) and to say goodbye to a couple of former work colleagues, Estelle and Trevor, over a slice of cake and a cold drink (where has this heatwave come from?!) at Bill's. Then hubby & I went to pick up small boy from his last full day at nursery; here he is playing with a tyre in the way that only a boy can.

On Wednesday things got really hectic; hubby took small boy over to nursery for the last time and the removal men arrived to start packing up all our worldy goods.At midday I drove over to collect darling child from nursery and drove up to the service station on the M6 toll road (my glamorous life) to meet Grandma & Grandad and leave the small boy in their capable hands. By the time I got back home the removal men had finished and the house was pretty much bare, except for a matress for us to sleep on, a kettle, two deckchairs and the tv.

In the evening we had a farewell drink and bite to eat with a few friends in our lovely local, The Moderation.

Then Thursday came and it was time to load up the last few bits and bobs (plus the chicken), say goodbye to 201 (so good we bought it twice)and set off for Somerset!

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