Sunday, 4 September 2011

House Renovations: Internal, Upstairs. Part I

Less than five months after work began and the house is pretty much habitable - we have a kitchen, we have bathrooms, we have running water, we have new doors and windows, we have painted walls and woodwork, we have a boiler and radiators, we have electricity and lights!

The August Bank Holiday weekend marked a whole year since we bought the house, so it's about time we were moving in really!

There are so many photos to share from the upper storeys that I've decided to split them into several (probably four) seperate posts - provisionally 1) bedrooms; 2) hall, stairs, landing; 3) bathrooms 4) offices. So here we go with Part 1- the bedrooms, in no particular order. This is destined to be DC's room - it's at the back of the house overlooking the garden. We removed the built in wardrobes and incorporated the space that they took up into the master bedroom next door; apart from that and a new window/radiator/door/plug sockets/light fitting/wall colour, not much has changed.

This room is the larger of what are destined to be two guest/spare bedrooms. They are both at the front of the house, looking over the front garden (obviously), the pretty Victorian cottages opposite and the church beyond. We removed the sink and built-in 'wardrobe', had extra insulation added to the internal wall, new crittal windows fitted, plus the usual new radiator/plug sockets/light fitting/door/wall colour.

And this is the smaller of the two bedrooms at the front of the house, destined to be a guest/spare/play room. We removed the built in wardrobes and incorporated they space they took up into the new bathroom; we also removed the built-in bookcase; again, new crittal windowns plus door/radiator/light fitting/plug sockets/wall colour.Last, but not least, the master bedroom, with ensuite. This was formed by adding an extension to the rear of the house [part of the two storey extension that also formed the kitchen], and knocking through the old airing cupboard (brown door to the right of the picture below), bathroom and separate wc. The doorway into what was the wc is now the doorway into the master bedroom, overlooking the back garden. Doorway through to ensuite, with built-in wardrobes either sidePhew, finally done - it's taken me four days to sort the photos for this post - Blogger is hard work sometimes!


  1. Those old fitted wardrobe doors were hideously dark weren't they. It all looks fab. Can't wait to see the rest.

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