Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chicago bound

So, here I am at 6.30am in Terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport and I have a little time on my hands before my flight to Chicago departs. Finally, a little free time that I can't use to do much else (put the washing on, just do a little more work, catch up on Holby City or Torchwood, pack a box for the move) except perhaps read one of the seven magazines I packed for the flight...

This will have to be a catch-up post sans photos as I'm not au fait enough with technology yet to know if it's possible to add them from my iPhone.

Anyhoo, today I'm off to Chicago all on my ownsome to meet up with a group of friends for three days, then it's on to New York for just over 24 hours all on my ownsome (except for the credit cards...) My darling hubby and mum bought the flights for my upcoming 40th birthday - isn't that a fab pressie? I'm a very lucky lady indeed. A bit of rest, relaxation, sightseeing and, most importantly, lots of shopping! The last time I visited Chicago was when I was a student in 1992; I can barely remember it - I wonder if things will have changed?! NY is a little fresher in my memory as hubby and I were there last December and this is about my 14th visit to the city that never sleeps.

Anyway, in other news we are VERY close to moving in to our house. The builders will be round there for just a short while today before the cleaners arrive to give it a once over. We've already started taking some furniture round, plus hubby has lugged 40-odd boxes of 'stuff' that we haven't unpacked since we moved into the rental house back in April. Clearly those are 40 boxes fill of essential items... I did comment to hubby that perhaps we should just throw them away without opening them as we've managed to live for 5 months without whatever is in them, but it's difficult to let go of so much potential tat!

I promise to upload (lots of) photos of the house renovation, but it can be such a mind-numbing task. Dies anyone else fund uploading photos to their blog a real chore? In fact, it's not so much the uploading, it's the dragging and sorting into the right place that takes such an age.

I also need to tell you about our trip to Geneva, plus visits from friends, days out in Lyme Regis, Barrington Court, Bridport vintage market, West Bay and much, much more. But, for now, I will bid you adieu from Heathrow.

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