Wednesday, 26 October 2011

House Renovations: Hallway

Long time, no write. Apologies as always. Now, I was going to document the house renovations floor by floor, internal and external, but I'm wondering if room by room might be easier, so here goes with the very first 'room' of the house - the hallway. This is the original front door
And the downstairs loo:
Which didn't stay long.

Then the original door was taken out; and it took a loooooong time for the new door to be made and fitted.This shot is taken from the living room, across the hallway through to the doorway into the 'snug'; here you can see the new internal door of the snug.A-ha, at long last the new front door is being fitted; you can also see the parquet floor and the patch to the right where the downstairs loo used to be and there were lino tiles on the floor.Another shot of the new front door (no letter box yet) and the old flooring.
New front door, again, but this time with letterbox cut.These two shots shows the latex laid to level the floor before the new oak was put down.
This is what the stairway to the first floor looked like when we first viewed the house.Here's the stairway with the new bannister being fitted and the old carpet on its way out. Understairs cupboard under construction.

And, finally the (nearly) finished product.

We need to tidy up all the wires for the phone/internet, possibly by building a small cupboard behind the chair.Please excuse the grubby square of carpet in front of the door - there to protect the floor/act as a doormat while we decide on exactly what to have there - a doormat cut into the wood floor, or one that sits on top? Decisions, decisions!


  1. I love your new door! Wow what a difference! It looks amazing! Love the feeling a new floor gives to a room. totally transorms it x

  2. can i ask where your front door was from? and who fit letterbox and locks? struggling to find what i want


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