Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Day Out and Getting Into the Spirit

Last week we had a family/work outing to Bournemouth. Hubby had to go there for a meeting, so DC, Granny & I took the opportunity to do a bit of car-pooling and went along for the ride.

Our first stop, after dropping hubby off for his day-long meeting, was at my aunt and uncle's house - handy! We spent several hours there chatting, admiring Aunty E's "Buckingham Palace" shed, drinking coffee, eating teacakes and entertaining DC (hide and seek was a hit...)Then Uncle B pulled out the big guns and presented DC with his very own go-kart - and that went down very well indeed (as long as we were all fast enough to get out of his way as he hurtled along the driveway.)Then it was time to bid farewell to the rellies and head into the centre of Bournemouth. We parked right next to the Gardens and took a little stroll. We walked all through the Gardens and down to the beach, stopping to pick up an ice-cream (also known as a lick-lick, a term coined by DC to distinguish from ice-cream that is served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon, obviously...) It was amaaaazingly hot and we weren't particularly well prepared for time on the sand, so we just had a little wander and then headed back through the Gardens. By this time DC was getting tired and crochety and Granny and I were in desparate need of a coffee, so we plonked DC in his pram and headed for the shops, whereupon we found a Costa inside Waterstones - result. A quick coffee later and we were fully refreshed. We then drove over to John Lewis for a spot of browsing and a bite to eat. I'm pretty sure DC must think he's related to "John Lewis" since he hear's the name mentioned so much in our house. If only he were, wouldn't life be grand?

While Granny and I had a lovely time admiring the delights that Mr J.L. had to offer, DC had a high old time rearranging this selection of wooden bird ornaments and tealight holders and pretending to put on a magic show. Indeed. Still, it kept him amused for ages, so who were we to argue? And while DC was absorbed in his Paul Daniel's impersonation, I spent a while pondering over which was the best way to "Get Into the Spirit" of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. In the end I decided that biscuits and coffee were the way forward because, quite honestly, how can you go wrong with food and drink? So, please be upstanding for Her Majesty the Biscuit Tin... Isn't she marvellous. Courtesy of Emma Bridgewater, by way of Mr J.L.And, in order to celebrate the Olympics being held in London this year, I picked up this little beauty for just £4. We already have enough mugs to open our own tea shop, but I thought one more wouldn't hurt and it means I shall now be able to watch a few of the Olympic events while sipping my coffee from a relevant vessel and dunking my biscuits from my royal tin. And I shall, indeed, be In The Spirit.

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  1. Ooh I really like that tin, might have to get one too.


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