Thursday, 7 February 2013

Holiday Snaps. Part III

While the rain is pitter-pattering against the Velux in my office in the roof, what better time to look back over some sunny snaps from our holiday.

This is the lovely little town of Celebration, which was originally buily by Disney and looks so much like the all-American cherry pie/Stepford Wives kind of town that features in all feel-good movies.
This water feature in the middle of the pavement was a great hit with DC (and hubby.)
Back at the villa, I indulged in a little magazine reading, while the boys did something more energetic.
But, I wasn't to be beaten - I burned off my excess calories with a little retail therapy.
And a trip to The Cheesecake Factory enabled me to add back all those calories that were burnt while walking round the mall.
And, yes, there were only three of us eating cheesecake that evening, but it was soooo difficult to choose between all the different flavours.
The Red Velvet Cheesecake So, if anyone could ship so over to me, that would make my year. Decade. Life.
And while we're on the subject of shopping, hubby and I decided to take a trip to Target on the evening of Thanksgiving, when the Black Friday sales had just started. We were stunned. And we loved every minute of the people-watching opportunites that were presented to us.

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  1. Oh a cheesecake factory? I'd be in heaven - that and people watching,I love both!


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