Monday, 11 February 2013

Sublime Lyme Regis

Family W has quite the thing for lovely Lyme Regis. There's something there for everyone: DC loves the arcades (plus hubby and I certainly aren't averse to the 2p machines...); hubby loves being by the sea; and I love looking round the shops and cafes.

So, last weekend while the sun was sort of shining (well, it wasn't raining) we (plus Granny) decided to take a trip to our favourite Jurassic coast destination.

First stop for me after we walked along the prom and inhaled plenty of sea air was Rinky Tinks, right on the promenade at the end of the row of beach huts - they make the most delicious hot chocolate (with cream, marshmallows and a Flake.) While Granny & I were getting the drinks, hubby and DC hot-footed it to the arcades. A good 30 minutes were then passed with 2ps being loaded into various machines, plus a mammoth 40p on Bash the Sharks (or whatever it's called) and the same again on a claw game that does at least guarantee a prize (a tiny chocolate bar...)

After that Granny, hubby & I took turns to visit the vintage/antiques warren of a place next door while DC tucked into his picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the beach. Hubby came out clutching something that is destined to be my Valentine's gift; I came out empty handed :(

Then it was time to hit the beach; we left Granny reading the paper and minding all the belongings, while the three of us took to the sands/surf (as much as you can while togged up against the cold wind.)

There were a host of pebble-shaped treasures to be found and loaded into the newly-acquired fishing net.
This is the stunning Jurassic coast as it continues eastwards towards Bridport, West Bay, Abbotsbury (home of the wonderful Lazyhill Gallery!), Weymouth and beyond.
Once the chill really set in, it was time to walk back along the prom towards town, where we settled into a coffee shop for a hot drink and a cake. The coffee shop was a useful base for each of us to nip out to the surrounding shops while DC was engrossed in a couple of episodes of Bob the Builder on the iPad (yes, I'm a good mother, aren't I?) And before we knew it, we'd spent almost the whole day in Lyme and it was time to toddle home to our little corner of deepest south Somerset.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy!
    I don't envy you the rats, mices is bad enough.
    Great to see how the garden is coming on, and very envious of that beautiful wall.
    I've never been to Lyme Regis but it does look lovely, if cold! Very brave of you to hit the beach!!


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