Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Firstly - Happy St George's Day! Yes, the feast day of the patron saint of England, little celebrated over here, except today when we'll celebrate with a giveaway winner! So, my giveaway involved guessing how many books from this little stash I'd actually got round to reading since buying them in December 2010. You could have had a sneaky look in my 'What Did I Read in..' side bar and you may have come up with the answer (or at least a guess in the right direction.)

Alternatively you could have picked a number between 0-18 and you would definitely have been in with a chance of getting in right. As it was, of the four guesses, all were wrong! However, I'm a kind and caring blogger, so I put all four names in the 'hat' (aka hubby's hand) and got DC to draw one out.

Drum roll...
 Action shot...
And the winner is...
Top Chelsea Girl!


Please get in touch with your address and let me know whether you would like a book from the cozy or non-cozy bookcase. Oh, and in case you're curious, I've actually read two of the books, both by Betty Hechtman: Dead Men Don't Crochet and Knit One, Kill Two.


  1. Well done Top Chelsea Girl! I feel I should apologise for guessing you'd read none!!

  2. Big hugs to DC for picking my name out. You obviously treat your books very well.

    1. That photo was taken when the books were newly-purchased!


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