Monday, 8 April 2013

Holiday Snaps. Part IV. Tampa Zoo and Legoland Florida, Mostly.

Yes, I know we went on holiday about 5 months ago, but I realised I haven't finished boring the pants off you with all of my lovely snaps yet. Please feel free to skip this post because, let's be honest, other people's holiday photos aren't that interesting, are they?

When last we left off, it was Black Friday Eve and hubby & I had just witnessed the kind of shopping that should really only occur when that rag the Daily Mail has a headline that reads "All Shops To Close. For Ever.", or similar. Or else it's the kind of shopping I will do if Waitrose ever start stocking these beauties:
Hints were dropped that one of these would make a wonderful birthday cake for a certain someone (ie me), but unfortunately we were due to fly to NYC on my actual birthday and I'm not sure the ice cream would have travelled that well.
Anyway, back to the holiday. Sunday we drove down to Tampa as hubby was off to see the American Football (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Some Other Team [clearly I took a lot of notice]); we dropped hubby off near the stadium then Granny, DC and I negotiated the unknown streets of Tampa and eventually found our way to the zoo (by way of a 7-11 to ask for directions.)

Here's DC making friends with a Komodo Dragon; fear not, it's only a statue.
The animals at the zoo, however, were merley a sideshow when compared to what DC would consider the main event -  a rollercoaster. We rode it six times in a row. Yes, six times. No sooner had we clambered off, than DC would be asking if we could get back on. Several times, when there was no one else waiting, we simply stayed on board and waited for the roastercoaster (that's what DC calls them) to start up again. It took bribery, in the form of an ice cream, to finally tempt DC away. And then I took him to the wallaby enclosure in an attempt to show him what zoos are really about - not interested. Jeesh; why do we bother?!
After so much time was spent on the rollercoaster and then eating ice creams, we barely had time to see the rest of the zoo and practically route-marched past the elephants, giraffes, flamingos, crocodiles, etc, etc as we headed back to the car and drove off to find hubby.

After the rollercoaster, DC's second favourite part of the day came when we stopped on the way back to the villa at Cracker Barrel. He requested pancakes and bacon for dinner (with an extra side of bacon - he's all about the meat.) The blob on the side of the plate that looks like ice cream is actually butter - it's a cholesterol-lover's dream!
The following day, bright and sunny as most are in Florida, we headed for the not-long-open Legoland.
With the blue skies and sunshine, we needed reminding that it was November and Christmas was fast-approaching.
The large area with models of various US cities was fascinating; lots of moving parts, music, spraying water, etc. Enough to keep DC amused while we adults oooh-ed and ahh-ed at the intricacy of it all.
San Francisco.

Washington DC, complete with marching band.
Family portrait.
Safari ride.
Life-sized lions.
Life-sized giraffe.
Rollercoaster. I think we rode this one four times (you can just make out hubby waving at the back); it may have been more, but there were other rollercaosters at the park that we also rode several times. DC really is quite the coaster king.
And since it was Legoland, there was quite a lot of this to be done. Not sure who enjoyed it more.

Oh, and there was a pirate show to be watched.
All in all, it was quite a tiring day.

Later that evening, I escaped to a bookshop; I was quite bemused by the number of magazines dedicated to guns and knives.
And I finished off a lovely day with a spoonful, or two, of this luscious stuff.


  1. Haven't been to Tampa in years, looks like you had good weather, I don't do Black Friday, that's for true fanatics only.
    How did your husband like the football game?

    1. The evening before Black Friday in Target was proof of how crazy it can be! We were amazed.
      Hubby loved the football, he enjoys the razzmatazz and atmosphere as much as the game itself!

  2. Looks amazing, I didn't know there was a Legoland there. How tired was DC laying on the pavement?! Scary magazines but perfect cake and ice cream.

    1. The Legoland in Florida only opened in mid -October, so it was all shiney and new.
      Arthur has a habit of lying on the floor when he gets tired and/or sulky in the hope that we'll carry him. Lazy blighter.
      That magazine section was v worrying, makes you wonder what sort of people read those. Think I'll stick with Ideal Home.
      If you like that sort of ice cream, Ben & Jerry's have finally brought up a Peanut Butter cup one over here - yum!


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