Sunday, 23 June 2013

Catalan Capers

Family W had a lovely time on our recent holiday in Catalonia (the region of Spain that encompasses Barcelona and stretches right up to the border with France.) We're very fortunate in that Hubby's parents own an apartment in a lovely, typically Spanish (ie non-tourist-y) coastal town about an hour's drive up the coast from Barcelona. The nearest airport is actually Girona but because only Ryanair fly there and I refuse to fly with them, we have to fly into Barcelona and drive up the motorway. Sorry about that.
Anyway, enough of me and my airline snobbery; here's what we got up to.
Lot's of sandcastle building.
Lots of hot chocolate drinking (for me, at least.) Forget the Spanish vino collapso, give me one of these beauties any day (or every day in fact.) Would you like hot chocolate with your cream, Senora?
Splashing about in the pool at the apartment.
Absolutely freezing apparently. But I never found out as I wasn't foolish enough to get in.
Ice cream eating. Strawberry flavour Smurf promotion.
And wiping it in your hair to look like someone out of There's Something About Mary.

More sandcastle building.
A spot of the old Reggie Perrin-ing.
And some supervising.
Oh, and a spot of paddling.
A rainy day trip to lovely Girona.
Yep, still raining.
A shop that sells all the weapons a small boy could ever wish for.

A spot of posing.
To recreate this shot from exactly a year earlier. Ahh, haven't they both grown!
Just a little more ice cream eating.
A gentle stroll round the harbour.
You can even see our apartment from here; if you squint a bit.
A little more hot chocolate drinking.
More beach time.

Posing for family snaps.

And all too soon it was time to head home; just enough time to grab another hot chocolate on the way to the airport.
And hours later we were doing this.
Umm, wait. Surely, hours later we should have been sitting at home in the English rain? Well, technically, yes. But the French air traffic control peeps had other ideas and so our flight home was cancelled. Next avaiable flight (if we didn't want to fly to Liverpool or Gatwick or somewhere else that wasn't Bristol)? 48 hours later. Oh dear, an extra two days holiday? Oh well, if you insist.


  1. All that ice cream looks good and the hot choc too - did you get moustaches from the cream?

    1. Luckily they provided spoons to eat the cream!

  2. Lovely photos! I'm in Mallorca at the moment doing the same. Love Ryanair though took less than 2 hours!

  3. Use to go to Tossa del Mar way back a hundred years ago. We were living in Germany and the only way to see the sun was to go to Spain a couple of times a year. You're lucky your inlaws have an apartment there. I love the hot chocolate too.

    1. Tossa is the next place down the coast from where we stay! We're definitely lucky to have somewhere to stay in such a nice place.

  4. Two days extra holiday? Isn't that a shame!!

    1. A crying shame! We did our best to cope though.


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