Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Half Term in Catalonia

We made our annual (three years in a row now!) trip to Spain recently, this time it had to be during half term so as not to have the Education People hunting us down, so it was a week earlier than we have been on our previous visits. Not sure how much of a difference that made really; the weather was a bit hit and miss for the first three days, but otherwise everything was pretty much as it has been.

When I say 'hit and miss', this was the weather that greeted us on the first evening when we arrived at the apartment

Torrential rain that turned the road outside into a river, and some spectacular thunder and lightning. Still, we were content to stay in and get settled so it didn't affect our plans too much. And I was happy to unpack and make a start on my holiday reading...
You probably know all about how I choose which books to take on holiday - basically it's the ones that have been languishing in my unread bookcase for rather too long and/or ones that I know I'll be happy to leave behind at the end of the trip (this doesn't include the New England one which is where we're off to on our next trip.) Reviews to follow sometime soon-ish of the books I read (clue: I only read two, and one of them wasn't by Lisa Jewell.)
At least the weather had improved by the next morning so the boys were able to have a stroll on the beach and along the rocks
while I hot-footed it to our favourite cafe to check that they were still open and still selling my favourite drink. Of course I was only trying it out for market research purposes, you understand.
I think it's fair to say that a certain person was happy to be on holiday.
We made our annual day trip to Girona so that we could repeat this pose
and compare it to 2013
and 2012.
My, haven't they grown?!
A quick stop at our favourite ice cream shop for yum scrum dulce de leche flavour.
Before heading off to explore the city walls.

Luckily that weather in the distance didn't catch up with us til we were driving home.

The following day we enjoyed a walk around the marina in Sant Feliu (the town where we were staying)

And the day after, when the weather had finally decided to play ball, we made our first visit our favourite beach at San Pol. And we went back for more of the same the following day. Because why wouldn't you?

And relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.
On our final full day we visited the gorgeous town of Callela de Palafrugell. Where a little walk along the coast offers glorious vistas at every turn.

  And what luck that there's a lovely restaurant right on the front.
 Not a bad way to end our trip. 
See you next year, Catalonia!


  1. Beautiful pictures! What's on your New England itinerary? We lived in Rhode Island for four years before we moved to Virginia in 2012 - loved every minute of exploring in New England.

    1. We're doing a house swap with friends who live near Kennebunk in Maine, so we'll spend the first 10-12 days exploring Maine and possibly New Hampshire; then our last two days will be spent just north of Boston. We have five days in between to drive in a bit of circular fashion from Kennebunk to Boston, so we'll probably take in a bit of Vermont and central/west Massachusetts.

    2. I'd love to hear any recommendations that you have!

  2. Lovely pictures of Spain, though we've visited other parts of Spain recently it's been year since we went to the Costa Brava, use to stay in Tossa del Mar. You'll be seeing more of New England than I ever have, New York City is as far north as I've ever been.
    When do you go?

  3. We've only been to Maine once and that was to take our daughter to a horse event but the drive up there was gorgeous. Not sure what time of year you are going but the closer to autumn, the more glorious the foliage will be. We loved Boston - took a trolley trip the first day to get our bearings and then spent the second day walking the Freedom Trail - there are markers along the pavement forming a path - and visiting the historic sites along the trail. If you've ever watched the TV show Cheers, there are two locations - If you get a chance to go a bit south of Boston, Plymouth is 40 miles south - the Mayflower II (replica) is in Plymouth Harbor and then it's a short drive to Plimoth Plantation which is the living museum that has the Native American village, the English village, and the crafts center where many of the items used in both villages are made. It's a great day out.

  4. What a lovely half term break you al had; I love the pose you've repeated each year. I guess you need to sample lots of coffee shops for market research purposes now - maybe I could help?!


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