Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Village Fete and Show

You may not know this, but I'm rather competitive. I even find it hard not to do my best to beat DC at Snakes & Ladders. Last year there was a Village Show at the village fete and I entered a few categories. I was lucky enough to win the photograph category (for which I received a silver cup), and I came second in the 'handmade item for the home' category with a cross stitch. The combined points from these two successes meant I also won a silver rose bowl. I was pretty chuffed, to say the least.

So, this year I needed to pull out all the stops to try and retain that silverware! I decided another cross stitch was in order for the handmade category, and I worked on this particular item for months. I'm not kidding, it took for eeeeever. I started it in March...

Worked on it through April


Took it to Spain in June
 Realised I was never going to get the entire thing finished in time for the fete
So decided to work on the left side, and finally got it done at about 1.30am the night before the fete - arrrggghhh! Apologies for the awful photo, but it was late and my eyes had pretty much crossed themselves by then.

There were lots of entries for the baked categories.
 And quite a few for the floral exhibits.
 And, I'm pleased to say, I actually managed to be placed in a few categories; here's a third place
And another
 Second place for my Coconut and Lime Slice (in the 'Cake for Afternoon Tea' category)

Second prize in the 'Knitted item' category

Third prize in the 'Somerset Life' photo category

 And.....FIRST PRIZE for the cross stitch! All those hours were worth it!

The points I accrued in the photo, knitted and handmade categories meant I won the rose bowl for the second year in a row - and I was rather pleased!

 The weather did it's best to put a dampener on the day of the fete, but we battled on nonetheless and a jolly time was had by all.
 Drumming workshops

 Pimm's Tent
 Sumo wrestling
 Teddies zip-wiring from the church tower

All in all, a lovely day. Now, I need to get stitching ready for next year...


  1. Well congratulations to you, well done. Love the cross-stitch!

  2. Well done, I know how long cross stitch takes. Love the zip wiring teddies!


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