Sunday, 14 March 2010

Don't Want to Speak Too Soon...

and jinx it, but we accepted an offer on our house on Friday! Yeeeeeehaaaw! Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, quickly and to plan.

On the same day we also made an offer on another house in Henley; the offer was turned down but neither of us is too upset, we are willing to bide our time and play the long game as we don't really love the house. It's a 'head' house, rather than a 'heart' house, meaning that (internally) the house has lots of potential to be made into something quite special (as long as we have the funds) and at the end of all the work it would hopefully make us a (fair) profit when we sell it on; it's also in a good location, has a fair size garden and is in a good school catchment area (should we be thinking of it as a medium to long-term home.) However, it's not an attractive house and from the outside never will be; it doesn't make our hearts skip a beat when we think it could be ours; it's semi-detached when we really would prefer detached and although the plot isn't a bad size, it's an odd shape and not as large as we would really like - not much room for DC's goalposts...

So the head says: buy the house because once the work is done it will be a really good size house with a fair size garden in a good location in Henley and when we come to sell it it may help us move up the property ladder a little further.

And the heart says: for the same money you could buy a detached cottage in an acre somewhere in the South West.


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