Saturday, 6 March 2010

Party Central

It's non-stop partying in the land of the NCT babies. Obviously, since we all took a childbirth course together, we all had our babies fairly close together this time last year. There's just over four weeks between the first (Samuel) and the last (DC - bringing up the rear...), with Sophie, Darcey, Daisy, Eleanor, Molly, Wilbur and Louis in between.

DC and I went to Samuel's birthday party on the 19th of Feb; our first ever 1st birthday party and a good time was had by all. The party bag we brought home was a big hit with a) hubby, who ate the slice of birthday cake that was inside b) me, as I've bagsied the chocolate lollipop and c) DC who will, no doubt, have hours of fun watching mummy and daddy blowing bubbles for him and winding up the swimming bath toy.

Yesterday was supposed to be Daisy's party but, as is the way with little tots, she was poorly and the party has been postponed til next Friday. Today we are off en famille to Darcey's party, and tomorrow it's Eleanor's. Like I said, it's party central round these parts.

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