Friday, 12 March 2010

Eggscellent Work, Girls

Gail and Sarah-luv (the chooks) have earned themselves a reprieve. Hubby, aka the chicken-whisperer, had a 'word' with them back in November/December time; they were warned that if we didn't see some results by May of this year (by which time they would have been enjoying free board and lodgings for 11 months) then necks would be wrung. Harsh, but true. We didn't get them as pets, we got them to supply us with eggs.

Back in December, you may remember, the Family W took a little jaunt to NYC. While we were away we had a friend pop in to check on the chooks; the first day she looked in on them, there in the nesting box was an egg. Knowing the history of our non-producing chooks, she thought we'd planted it there so we could be sure she really was going round to feed and water them. As if we would do such a thing!

Anyhoo, that was the only egg laid in the entire week we were away and we all thought it was a fluke. But then, slowly but surely, that one egg increased to two, three, four and we are now at the point of full capacity in the fridge's egg compartment. Between them the chooks are laying around ten eggs a week and DC has discovered that fresh scrambled or poached eggs are one of his absolute favourite meals (luckily.)
If anyone else is having trouble with non-laying chooks, Hubby the Chicken Whisperer is available to hire at very reasonable rates.


  1. Haha I am sure he could make a fortune around farms.

  2. woohooo a chicken post :) I have to go pick mine up. I pay $3.00 a dozen for home grown eggs. My neighbor goes out to the farm, leaves the eggs in a cooler on her porch and we return the cartons, pay our money in a ziplock bag and get our eggs.

    With your husband on the job you could go into business :)


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