Thursday, 24 June 2010

We Bought a House!

For the last few months we have been house-hunting. We have looked near and far, we have ummed and ahhed over locations, we have veered from town, to village, to hamlet, to middle-of-nowhere isolation, we have made (unsuccessful) offers on four houses and now, finally, we have had an offer accepted! If all goes to plan, soon we will be the proud owners of a house in the village of Hinton St George, Somerset (population 404; soon to be 407...)

This is a momentous occasion for the Family W who have procrastinated and prevaricated over moving to 'the countryside' for several years now; we have become a laughing stock amongst friends as we would say 'The current plan is to move to Devon'; then the following week, 'We think we might move to Herefordshire'; next week 'Well, hubby was thinking of applying for a job in Australia'; then we thought we might stay in Henley-on-Thames, then it was somewhere else, then somewhere else, then.... you get the picture. But not anymore, now we can delete all those 'saved searches' on Primelocation and Right Move (yes, probably best to delete them before we see 'the' house in the Outer Hebrides and have to start house-hunting all over again...

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  1. congrats on the house, can't wait to see pics! :-)


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