Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Weekend in Dorset-shire, Part II

Friday dawned bright and sunny (as had Thursday) - it seems we had picked the prefect time for our weekend away - in fact, it turned out to be a smidge too hot on Friday, but that sounds terribly ungrateful, doesn't it?!

We were very lucky that DC slept in til 8.15am which gave us an extremely rare chance of a lie in together; hubby and I alternate the early mornings and DC is usually up sometime between 6-6.30am, so to see 8.15am and find us all still in bed was not at all unwelcome! After a very good breakfast, hubby dropped DC & I off in Bridport while he went to fetch the Beehaus which wouldn't fit in the car the evening before due to all of our bags/baby stuff/etc. He then drove over to R & G's house in Abbotsbury as they had kindly agreed to store it for us until such time as we are able to accommodate it. DC & I had a very pleasant wander round Briddy, rounded off with a coffee in Costa where, luckily, the air-con was a-blowing. There are lots of really yummy looking independent coffee shops in Bridport and I do have a hankering to go in them, but I find that they are often quite small and, with a pram, almost impossible to navigate. So, for the time being, I shall be sticking to the chain coffee emporia, unless I am able to do a pram-less reccy beforehand!

Hubby then came back and fetched us, and we all drove over to Abbotsbury and we had the grand tour of R & G's new house: a lovely newly-built thatched cottage, very light and airy inside, with an attached shop - more of which later.

After the tour we walked through the village and churchyard to The Abbey House where we had an absolutely gorgeous lunch; I had crab sandwiches followed by a fantastic homemade banoffee pie, yum, yum and yum again. The weather was glorious and we had a wonderful time taking in the views and generally relaxing. Then we wandered back and R showed us round the shop. V exciting stuff indeed. All set to open at the end of June, Lazyhill Gallery will be choc full of loveliness, all of which will be handmade in the UK including, if I may blow my own trumpet here, some cards made by yours truly (will post photos soon). So, if you are in the area, make sure you pay a visit! While R & I played shop, hubby, DC, G and Martha the dog took a walk down to Chesil Beach, which is just a mile from the house along a winding track - what a fab location.

Finally, at about 5.30pm we dragged ourselves away and back to West Bay. DC went to sleep in the room at about 7.30pm and hubby & I were able to go down to the bar (taking the baby monitor with us, of course...) and have a lovely dinner together - something else that doesn't happen all that often, a meal out! I had scallops cooked in garlic butter with bacon, accompanied by the most wonderful homemade chips, and chocolate and Bailey's cheesecake for desert. YUM!
Off to bed by about 10.30pm and we all slept soundly with full tummies and plenty of fresh/sea air in our lungs.

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