Sunday, 20 June 2010

Weekend in Dorset-shire, Part III

DC decided that one lie-in was quite enough, thank you very much, and had us up bright and early on Saturday morning. After a lovely breakfast we packed up the car and headed for Bridport where we spent a very pleasant hour wandering round the antiques market. I bought some fabulous union jack bunting, although goodness knows where I'm going to hang it, and we bought DC an activity cube/toy thing-a-me-jig.

Then it was time to wend our merry way to Park Farm, AKA River Cottage HQ, for the Spring into Summer Fayre. We spent a very pleasant few hours wandering round the site, admiring the kitchen garden, deciding to attend talks and then forgetting they were starting and so missing out on all the ones we were interested in, tasting yummy food, spotting stars of the TV show, and generally having a very relaxing tme. Hubby even took part in the 'swap shop' by exchanging three jars of his homemade rhubarb jam for some cookies, flapjacks, tomato and chilli plants. At the end we decided that walking back up the hill to the car park was a little too much so we hitched a lift on the tractor/trailer combo which DC seemed to take in his stride (think he was actually too tired to be interested.) And then it was time to drive back to urban reality; boo, hiss.

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