Monday, 18 October 2010

Architect's Plans

Last Thursday while DC was in nursery, we hot-footed it down to the Somerset house to meet the architect and see his plans for the very first time - we were VERY excited! I know hubby & I both had/have ideas in our heads of what we want the house to look like come the end, and we were hoping that the architect would use all his powers of telepathy and mindreading in order to present us with plans that would exactly match ours.

Unfortunately, mindreading clearly isn't the architect's forte. Luckily, explaining exactly what we (I) want is one of my skills and, after nearly two hours, we (I) had battered the architect into submission so that he realised our (my) ideas we best.

I'm putting the photos of his plans (edition no.I - we are awaiting the new plans) on here but I'm not sure if you will actually be able to see them very clearly.

Proposed front elevation:
this will change slightly as we are having a window to the right of the garage door in what will be the downstairs shower room.

Proposed rear elevation:
This will change slightly as we will lose the window on the far right at the back of the garage; the window to the far left in the 'living' end of the family room will be slightly smaller, the doors will move along slightly to the left and there will be one large window to the right of them, making the rear elevation more symmetrical.

Current ground floor plan:

Proposed ground floor plan:This will change quite dramatically. The wc to the left of the front door is going, making the entrance hall larger and more symetrical; what the architect calls here the 'kitchen' (at the front left of the house) will be the dining area and the door that he has through to the larder will not be there, instead that area will become a downstairs shower room/loo and will be accessed through the utility room. The extension at the back of the house will run further across to the right and will become the kitchen and family room. There will be a wall built across the middle of the living room on the right of the house; the front section of this room will then become the 'snug' while the back section becomes part of the family room. Are you still with me?! Hopefully we'll get some new plans from the architect soon and it will all make a lot more sense!

Current first floor plan:

Proposed first floor plan:This will change very slightly in that the wall of the master bedroom will come further out onto the landing and we will lose the linen cupboard as the space is incorporated into the bedroom.

I've not included the plans for the second floor as nothing of any interest is changing up there.

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  1. What a busy time you are having. I enjoyed looking at your pics from Scotland.


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