Friday, 15 October 2010

Starting to Feel a Lot Like....

...the countdown to Christmas has begun. And I looooooove Christmas. I get soooooo excited when the shops start bringing out their gift catalogues. So far I've got my grubby paws on this little number from a gorgeous bookshop/stationers in St Andrews; two of my favourite things in one place - Christmas + Books; could I ask for more?!
this one from Boots; a bog standard offering, nothing to get excited about but handy for ideas

Waitrose; a bit disappointing at first glance, will have to give it another read to see if it improves

ELC were kind enough to send me this in the post; clearly word has spread about my little catalogue addiction.

Next; only picked this one up this morning so have no idea what's in it/if it's any good
and M&S; again, only picked up this morning but assume will be full of cashmere jumpers and hampers.
How many more will I be able to collect, I wonder? I do hope Waterstones produce one this year, they didn't last year and it is a favourite in this house. Sad, but true.

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