Monday, 28 February 2011

It's Like the Oscars, Only Better

An award? For moi? Why, thank you. Gush, gush, sob, sob, I'd like to thank my...sniff... parents... golly I'm getting tear stains on my Dior (Galliano to be au courrent...) dress.

Sorry, I'll pull myself together and say a proper thank you to Tracy at Mad About Bags for nominating me for the Stylish Blogger Award

The rules are that I have to thank Tracy (which I would anyway, even if it wasn't one of the rules, because I'm polite like that!); tell you seven random things about myself; nominate 15 more bloggers; and let those bloggers know they've been nominated. So, here goes

Firstly, thank you, Tracy, for thinking of me when it came to giving out this award!

Secondly, seven things about me

1) I live in Reading (I was born in Bristol, came to Reading in 1990 to study at uni and sort of got stuck here) with hubby and our little boy who is soon to turn two (where did that time go?!)

2) In seven weeks time we'll be moving to a small village in south Somerset - ayyyeeee, I'm nervous!

3) I work from home, for a publishing company, which offers me such a huge amount of flexibility in how I plan (or don't plan) my days

4) I studied Ancient History at university and have an MA in Ancient Social and Cultural Studies

5) I love coffee (has to be proper coffee, none of that nasty instant stuff) but don't like tea one little bit

6) I'm always late. I get sidetracked so easily and always think that whatever needs to be done before I need to be somewhere will take less time than it invariably does. This is a bad habit.

7) I'm addicted to buying books. But you probably already knew that.

Now for 15 blogs to nominate

My Life in Flip Flops

Curlew Country

Gigi Bird

How Soon Is Now?

Skein Queen

My Little Life

Oh dear, this is taking me so long that I fear I'll never get this post published, so I'm going to stop there and have a think of some more blogs to nominate next time. Until then, have fun!

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