Thursday, 24 February 2011

Test Driving

Hubby & I are on the hunt for a new car. We figure when we move to a small village where there's about one bus a day, as opposed to one every ten minutes where we live now, we'll probably have to become a two-car family. Our current car is a ten-year old Ford Focus estate known as Monty. Monty will still be a valued member of the family, but he probably won't be as well-loved as the new car will be.

Yesterday we took one of these not-so-little beauties out for a test drive, the Honda CR-V:

and we really rather liked it. Obviously the Honda garage pulled the top-of-the range model out for us to take a spin in, so we were wowed by the leather seats, panoramic glass roof, sat-nav, iPod docking thingamijig, etc, etc. We also like the fact that it has 4WD which kicks in automatically when needed, which is something we think could come in handy on those country lanes in rural Somerset-shire.

Today we are off to test drive one of these, the Nissan Qashqai:

Don't you just love the name? Who came up with that? Did they realise it sounded like 'cash cow' and thought it would be just the perfect moniker for a car that has become extremely popular?

Do any of you own either of the above cars? If yes, what do you think of them? Would you recommend?


  1. I have a qashqai, I've had it for 2 and a half years. I really like it, I think its a Visia 1.6 petrol.
    It's big but not too big. We are considering changing our car as the qashqai was terrible in the snow, not helped by the front tyres being the original ones that could do with being changed! I'm looking at possibly another Qashqai (4wd) or a Juke (can't decide if a Juke is stupid looking or not)
    We got a great deal, the prices are much more expensive now. If you're buying new its really worth checking out the on line dealers, I did and my local dealer matched it.
    Hope that that helps.

  2. I have a mazda 5 (might be a bit big in the UK but great small people carrier in the U.S.). I like it plus it gets up to 37mpg (huge number in the U.S.)


  3. I'm not the one to ask, did 300 miles last year in my 10 year old VW Lupo sport which is definitely not a family vehicle. Living in the country I understand your need for 2 cars, the Lupo is left from my working days. Enjoy the test drives, read all the reviews and do let us know what you decide.


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