Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Weekend in Somerset

Tomorrow Family W are off to Somerset/Dorset for the weekend. We've a VERY busy Friday ahead; if all goes to plan, it should look a little something like this:

8.30am: leave house with car packed to gunwales, including small child, if we can squeeze him in
11am: appointment to view potential nursery for small child in Ilminster
12noon: meet architect and windowman (plus my mum and other visitors) at the Somerset house to discuss where we are at/what happens next
1.30pm: very important part of day's schedule - lunch in what will be 'our local' pub, The Lord Poulett Arms
2pm: (think we'll have to nip out from the pub for this one) appointment to view potential rental house in village so we have somewhere to live while our house is being demolished/extended/generally titivated
3.30pm: appointment to view another potential nursery for small child in Crewkerne
Then, head to West Bay where we are booked in for two nights at the lovely West Bay Hotel; am hoping they still have the wonderful scallops/garlic/bacon combo on the menu that I drooled over last time.
And reeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaax.
8pm: meet up for dinner at said West Bay Hotel with our lovely friends R&G, who run the fantabulous Lazyhill Gallery in nearby Abbotsbury.
Later: sleeeeep.

Luckily there's no real timetable to stick to on Saturday, so I expect a spot of pottering in Bridport (weather permitting) and then a trip along the coast to Abbotsbury will be in order.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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